Gloomy Day…Make Your Own Sunshine!

Rainy and gloomy, the weather in our spot on the globe has been anything but sunny. Now what?

Look around your house and see if you can pull together some scraps to make something similar and brighten up your home inside or out.  The kids love this one too. It is easy and quick with minimal clean up.  


  • Recycled bottle tops from anything you use in your home. Glue. Random beads, buttons, shells, etc. Please don’t forget the glitter (as my princess would say). Stapler, scissors, tissue paper.
  • Add glue to inside of bottle cap and drop beads, etc inside randomly. Sprinkle glitter if you like. Let it dry.
  • Layer your tissue paper as thick as you like. I did two sheets of different colors. The more sheets you add the fuller your end product will be.
  • Fold the bottom corner of the rectangle up and cut. Keep the triangle and remove the rest. Open the triangle up and you will have a square.
  • Fold the square up into little folds like an accordion.
  • Staple accordion folded tissue in the center.
  • Trim either end of the already stapled accordion. I chose pointy but you can do any shape such as rounded or whatever you choose.
  • Begin to gently unfold and open up.
  • Glue your dried bottle cap in the center…VOILA! A flower that will live forever or until the rain hits it — YIKES! Definitely does not need to be watered.