With an  insatiable thirst for adventure and travel, the one thing that has always grounded me is the love for cooking.  The kitchen is where many of my fondest memories were shared with my Mamma, Armida.

The kitchen is where we  (she) created magical foods.  I say magical  based on the amount of friends and family fed not to mention the unbelievable quality that came out of my Mamma’s kitchen.  She always used the best ingredients.  Her dedication and attention to detail were seen in her natural talent, it was a gift.

However, it is not only the food, but the conversations had while prepping, washing and cooking that resonate in my heart.  You can not recreate what is gone, but carry those fond memories with you and share the passion ingrained in you without ever having known it was there all along.

It is for the smiles that cooking, eating and sharing bring to whoever and wherever you are in the world that I have created this blog.  I want to share the LOVE!

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